FIS Fusion

Deliver simplified, friction-free money movement


The Modern, Personalized Bill Payment Solutions Your Consumers Expect

FIS™ Fusion is a new bill payment solution that provides a personalized, uncomplicated way for consumers to manage bills, send and receive peer-to-peer (P2P) payments, transfer money between accounts and help promote financial wellness.

Integrating Fusion’s web-based single sign-on user experience into your organization’s digital solution is quick and easy. Implement the responsive website for a consistent, frictionless money movement experience across all devices in your online application, or inject Fusion into your mobile app.

How FIS Empowers Money Movement

Discover a flexible, intuitive bill payments solution that’s easy to integrate

Personalized Experience

Suggests relevant payments, warns or prevents overdrafts, and recommends new payees by ZIP code

Mobile-first Design

Created by benchmarking mobile apps, includes consumer usability feedback

Simple, Flexible Integration

Implement the responsive website or inject Fusion into your mobile app

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