Instructions for Downloads from Personal  Devices & Heritage-Worldpay Corporate Managed Devices

  1. Visit and hit the button that read "Download for Apple iOS". This will prompt the latest version of the CIO Mobile app to begin downloading.

  1. Hit "Install" when prompted by the dialog.

  1. App will begin installing and you will be able to see the app tile artwork when it is finished.

Biometric Setup Process 3
  1. Tap the icon tile after installing and you will receive a dialog with the heading "Untrusted Enterprise Developer". Hit "Cancel" to close the dialog. In the following steps you will be guided through how you can trust this application.

Biometric Setup Process 4
  1. Open the iOS "Settings" application. In there, tap "General", then "Device Management".

Biometric Setup Process 5
  1. Within "Device Management", you will see a list item labeled "Enterprise App". Tap the item labelled "Fidelity Information Services LLC". See step 7 if the screen above does not appear for you.

  1. If instead you see "Management Profile" on the "Device Management" page, this indicates you have an FIS managed device and should instead install the app through InTune. Follow instructions here for proper installation.

  1. After selecting the item labeled "Fidelity Information Services LLC" you will see a page with a button asking you to trust this developer. Hit "Trust "Fidelity Information Services LLC"".

  1. Once you hit "Trust "Fidelity Information Services LLC"" you will receive a dialog prompt asking you to verify your decision to trust apps from this developer. Hit "Trust" to confirm. Please note, if you do not hit this button, you will not be able to open CIO Mobile on your personal device.

  1. Once you have hit "Trust", return to the home screen and tap the icon tile for CIO Mobile. The application will now open.