The filtered spend solution that gives you more control over spend eligibility by item

Directing spend through discounts, MCC or MID restrictions is valuable, but has limits. Unlike other solutions, FIS® Filtered Spend as a Service™ allows you to develop the approved product list (APL) of allowed universal product codes (UPCs). Our tools allow you to display your custom APL to your participants and drive them to participating merchants. At checkout, they just swipe their open loop prepaid card to complete the purchase.

Filtered Spend as a Service provides invaluable insight and reporting on what purchases cardholders are making, allowing you to evaluate the success of your program and adapt to your consumers’ needs.

Gain granular control

Motivate prepaid cardholders to not only visit preferred merchants, but to buy items that align to your objectives.

Promote your brand

Offer discounts only on items that bring awareness to your product, encourage trial and foster brand preference.

Encourage positive habits

Ensure that consumer dollars are spent on merchandise that promotes a healthy lifestyle or financial well-being.

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What is filtered spend?

From insurers and employers to retailers and consumer product companies, Filtered Spend provides the ultimate level of spend control.

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What are the challenges currently facing organizations?

Filtered Spend helps you reduce costs by streamlining operations, eliminating manual processes and improving the consumer experience.

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How can FIS Filtered Spend benefit your organization?

Eliminate the cost of product distribution and manual claim validation while improving the customer experience and increasing speed.

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Take patient care to the next level

Promote healthy lifestyles by controlling the specific items that are accessible when consumers shop at participating merchants.

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