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The Brokerage Processing Solution Connecting the Middle and Back Office with the Brokerage Process

FIS® CD Brokerage Manager is a brokerage processing solution that seamlessly connects the middle and back office with the brokerage process. As part of the FIS® Cleared Derivatives Suite, it provides broker-dealers with leading-edge technology and flexibility in reporting and workflow.

CD Brokerage Manager ensures that your middle-office functions and applications can automate the setup of data from external sources, preparation of calculators, and daily data reconciliation, so you can confidently enter your monthly billing cycle. And with a golden source of static data, automated break management and stringent control capabilities, you can improve your decision-making and optimize your trade flows.

How FIS Empowers Operations and Processing

Discover a brokerage processing solution that connects the middle and back office with the brokerage process

Strengthen the Clearing Process

A seamless connection between brokerage and the middle and back office ensure stable post-trade clearing

Improve Efficiency and Regulatory Accountability

Operations, brokerage settlement and reconciliation on a single platform for unmatched efficiency and accountability

Benefit from Increased Transparency

Future-proof your brokerage operations and reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO)

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