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The Income Reallocation Solution for Timely and Accurate Tax Statements

FIS® Income Reallocation Services solve the onerous battle to produce accurate tax statements within a condensed timeframe. We source, test and standardize the information for ease of use, while giving you access to the original source format as well. It delivers daily updates and supplemental files during the critical tax reporting season.

Income Reallocation Services use data mining and predicative analytics to annually identify the securities that are likely to experience income reallocation events offering the best possible tax reporting experience for your customers. You can use it as a stand-alone solution or as part our managed tax services product, FIS® Tax Reporting Manager (formerly Compliance Plus).

How FIS Empowers Tax Information Reporting

Discover a solution that produces accurate and timely tax statements

Experience Broad Coverage

Support a broad spectrum of securities that experience reallocation events

Generate Multiple Reports

Generate more than 40 web-based reports, such as progress status by firm or globally

Save Time and Money

Substantially reduce the number of corrected 1099s

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Enjoy a competitive advantage with industry insights and leading perspectives delivered to you as you wake up.