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The Financial Advisor Portal That Helps Investment Professionals Build Stronger Relationships

FIS® Professional Portal is a financial advisor portal that integrates all of your internal and third-party solutions, provides identity management of those solutions, satisfies regulatory requirements for PII data and supports multiple user personas.

Professional Portal provides streamlined workflows, relationship-level views and comprehensive trading features, enabling your investment professionals to increase their productivity and more effectively serve their customers. With its flexible user interface and configurable, data-driven dashboards, your team can focus on what’s important to them and their clients.

And when you use Professional Portal in conjunction with FIS Investor Portal, you’ll also gain valuable insights into your customers’ interests and activities.

How FIS Empowers Your Investment Professionals

Discover a digital portal that helps investment professionals build stronger relationships

Empower Your Investment Professionals

Combine data with enhanced workflows and actionable dashboards to provide unmatched client-servicing functionality

Harness the Power of Data

Data from multiple sources, including “golden copy” back-office data, third-party research and best-in-class tools

Gain More Value

Combine data with configurable dashboards for a clear view into your customers’ financial picture

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