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The Global Portal and Multi-currency Cash Management Solution

FIS® Short-Term Cash Management (formerly SGN Short-Term Cash Management) is a web-based global portal and multi-currency cash management solution that provides the liquidity, transparency and visibility you need.

It gives institutional cash management and short-term liquidity investors trade submission for money market funds, short-duration bond funds, FDIC-insured deposit products and private liquidity funds. It also enables you to keep your banking relationships with trading established in the name of the investor at a fund company.

How FIS Empowers Short Term Cash Management

Discover the investment solution that meets your short-term cash management needs

Increase Operational Efficiencies and Reduce Costs

Save time and money by making your short-term investments accessible on one screen

Mitigate Trade and Credit Risk

Control risk through diverse offerings, STP and integration into your treasury management system

Ensure Transparency

Keep your banking relationships intact with Direct Model trading

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