ID Authentication

Authenticate applicants’ identities and reduce account opening abandonment

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The Identity Authentication Service That Protects Your Customers and Profits

ID authentication solutions are critical to ensuring you open legitimate new accounts, protect customers, manage risk and comply with changing regulatory mandates.

The ChexSystems ID Authentication solution uses multiple data sources to generate a personalized questionnaire using information only the applicant would know to authenticate identity.

Chex Systems, Inc. (herein “ChexSystems”) is a consumer reporting agency and an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of FIS and the provider of ID Authentication service, a non-FCRA service.

How ChexSystems Empowers New Account Fraud Prevention

Protect your customers and profits with greater efficiency

Make Smarter Decisions to Reduce Overall Fraud Losses

Streamline account opening with an advanced identity authentication service

Open More Profitable Accounts – Faster

Avoid the high costs of unknowingly opening fraudulent accounts

Comply with Changing Regulatory Mandates

Automate compliance so you can focus on customer experience

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