FIS Pricing Data Services

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Reduce Risks and Costs with Automated Pricing and Data Services

FIS® Pricing Data Services automates the collection, scrubbing, reconciliation and validation of vendor, broker and counterparty pricing data.

Pricing Data Services is an end-to-end managed service: we collect pricing data from the vendors of your choice, validate it to ensure all prices are accurate, and perform exception management on your behalf.

How FIS Empowers Automated Pricing Data for Fund Administration

Turn to automation to ensure all pricing data is accurate for your NAV

Reduce Risk with Greater Transparency

Mitigate your operational, financial and reputational risk within an intuitive web portal for transparency

Improve Efficiency with Automation

Automate collecting and processing pricing data so you can concentrate on efficiently managing exceptions

Eliminate Cost Escalation

Manage costs and free up your resources with a managed services model

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