At FIS, we’re advancing sustainability with a focus on three key areas. We believe creating sustainable societies, ensuring we have a sustainable planet and implementing sustainable governance leads to renewable growth and shared success for everyone.

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Trust is a powerful resource

Every day, individuals and institutions all over the world entrust us with their financial futures. Daily, we’re working to grow that confidence, advancing their opportunities and enabling them to thrive. Their successes have been and will continue to be the measure of ours. But from a perspective that spans the globe, we see that our obligation to them is a responsibility that reaches so much farther.

We understand the inseparable bond between commerce and community, just how deeply we’re all connected. And with a commitment to doing more than what’s right, today we strive to make the best decisions for a better tomorrow.

Driven by the values that define who we are as a company, we uphold diversity, inclusivity, philanthropy and environmental sustainability. Through ESG, we hold ourselves accountable, guarding the trust that’s been given us and doing our part to achieve a future that we can all be a part of.

Because when the world thrives, we’re doing our best job.

That’s the power of FIS.

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It's not about banking, it's about people

Advocating for financial inclusion begins with giving people access to the tools and support they need to grow financially, to empower themselves, their homes and their communities.

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Giving back, moving ahead

Supporting philanthropy and volunteerism means investing the time and resources not just where and when they’re needed but serving in the ways they’re needed most.

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Strive to thrive

When our communities thrive, we all thrive. It’s a value we’re devoted to – and we’re devoted to the businesses that are at the heart and souls of their communities.

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We're all home here

No matter who we are or where we are, we’ve all got something in common: the planet we call home. Ensuring a sustainable environment, we’re promoting awareness, reporting and management that we all can follow.

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