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Why SaaS Is a No-Brainer for Investment Operations

May 30, 2018

Pop quiz!

How often do asset management business leaders come to us saying they’d like their operations to cost more?

  1. All the time – who needs efficiency, anyway?
  2. Sometimes – to each his own
  3. Never – is this a trick question?

Of course, this is a no-brainer: The answer is C. Year after year, we see the pressure increase on asset managers to become more operationally efficient, grappling with shrinking fees, growing data complexity and changing investor demands. One of the most common questions we hear is, “Can you help us boost our efficiency and lower our TCO?”

Now, like our pop quiz, we understand that asset managers have multiple choices when it comes to how they tackle investment accounting and other connected areas of their middle and back office. But, if you’re looking for an efficiency boost that can propel your growth, there is a correct answer: a SaaS-based investment accounting system.

Let’s start with the facts. Managing and maintaining technology, especially large software systems computing complex information, can get expensive. Research from Gartner reported that businesses may spend 75 percent of their IT budgets on maintaining and running software. And a report from Computer Weekly asserts that software and hardware costs are typically only about 10 percent of the TCO over five years.

So, it’s not altogether surprising when asset managers come to FIS and say, “We know our current installed accounting platform is outdated. We need to make a change if we want to future-proof our operations. Can you help?” We’ve been in this game for a long time, and we know that asset managers are on the hunt for growth-ready solutions that remove hidden costs and reduce TCO.

And this is precisely why asset managers are increasingly looking to SaaS-powered platforms like FIS’ InvestOne to be the foundation of their investment operations.

When an asset manager comes to us wanting to implement a technology platform that has a lower TCO, but is more agile, easier to test and upgrade, and has less to manage, SaaS is a no-brainer. When our clients choose SaaS, they are always on the most current version of FIS’ InvestOne with minimal effort and costs to upgrade or update.

When an asset manager comes to us wanting to implement a scalable and efficient operating model globally, with multiple asset classes operating in a 24/7 manner, with an exception management approach, SaaS is a no-brainer. When our clients choose SaaS, they can obtain the processing and speed benefits of the latest version of FIS’ InvestOne architecture and continue to remain current with limited costs and no disruption to the business.

When an asset manager comes to us looking for greater control, seamless and fast execution, and delivery on business initiatives such as faster processing times, a reliable back-to-front real-time IBOR, SaaS is a no-brainer. When our clients choose SaaS, they get an optimized, highly agile implementation of FIS’ InvestOne that is connected to both our client’s and the whole FIS ecosystem for seamlessness and scale.

Pop quiz! (Last one, we promise.)

Could a SaaS-based investment operations system be the right answer to help you boost efficiency and lower costs?

  1. Yes – I want to stay ahead of the curve
  2. Probably – my interest is piqued
  3. Both A and B

We think this one may be a no-brainer.

Want to see FIS’ InvestOne in action? Connect with our team to discuss your investment accounting needs and to see how FIS’ SaaS solutions can empower the future of your business.