FIS Insurance Statutory Reporter

Simplify your statutory reporting filing

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The Insurance Industry’s Automated Statutory Reporting Software

FIS’ Insurance Statutory solution simplifies statutory filing with state insurance departments and the NAIC by automating the entire process.

Insurance Statutory seamlessly integrates with other systems for automated data entry, saving accountants time while increasing accuracy. The Insurance Statutory solution is turnkey and easily configurable to meet your specific filing requirements and preferences for the appearance of the statements.

How FIS Empowers Statutory Filling

Make statutory filing simple with a turnkey system

Increase Efficiency with Automation

Eliminate time-consuming data entry with automated data interfaces for imports and exports

Gain New Levels of Flexibility

Override calculated cells with just one click, and change the tolerance level for crosschecks

Enhance Reliability and Auditability

Keep track of data and statement changes in an audit trail that’s automatically updated

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