FIS AML Compliance Hub with C3 AI

Address your anti-money laundering challenges today and in the future

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The Anti-money Laundering Solution That Transforms Financial Crime Detection

FIS® AML Compliance Hub with C3 AI transforms your financial crime detection with machine learning so you can accurately identify, prioritize and report suspicious activity while reducing false positives.

This sophisticated anti-money laundering solution uses AI to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your AML program and decreases your operational expenses with a scalable, transparent solution. It will run alongside your existing tools until you are ready to fully transition.

C3 AI is a trademark of C3 AI, Inc.

How FIS is Revolutionizing Financial Crime Detection

Tax reporting and compliance, consulting and training to meet tax reporting obligations

Transform Financial Crime Detection

Follow suspicious behavior from source to true Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) and halve operational costs

Strengthen Your AML Program

Minimize false positive alerts by up to 85% and increase SAR identification as much as 200%

Easily Adjust to New Strategies and Requirements

Flex with intelligent and autonomous suspicious activity triage, workflows and automated evidence packages

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