FIS Instant Issuance

Deliver superior service for new and loyal cardholders with instant card issuance

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Establish Top-of-Wallet Placement with Instant Card Issuance

Cardholders now expect to be able to use new and replacement debit cards instantly, but traditional card fulfillment can take up to 10 days to issue, mail and activate cards.

With instant card issuance technology, your financial institution can compete with larger issuers offering traditional instant issuance, for a much lower startup investment. FIS Instant Issuance conveniently provides a temporary card for the account holder while the card replacement is being processed.

How FIS Empowers Instant Card Issuance

Put your card top of wallet with instant card issuance

Improve Cardholder Experience

Let new cardholders immediately use their card, and keep existing cardholders engaged

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Deliver speed and convenience to cardholders with uninterrupted card access

Create Revenue Opportunities

Maximize activation rates, increase card usage and reduce downtime associated with reissuance

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