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TEFRA Glossary Data Services Provide Timely Identification of Securities Tax Attributes

FIS® TEFRA Glossary Data Services provides timely, accurate identification of securities’ tax attributes for payment events, increasing efficiency, minimizing errors and reducing the risk of associated penalties.

TEFRA Glossary Data Services delivers a cumulative file of all TEFRA Glossary tracked securities, followed by twice-monthly updates for each listed security. You can append our up-to-date information to your security master to ensure proper basis tracking, withholding and reporting.

How FIS Empowers Tax Information Reporting

Discover a solution that provides timely and accurate identification of securities tax attributes for payment events

Streamline Your Processes

Minimize resource issues, potential penalty exposure and customer dissatisfaction

Increase Accuracy

Avoid inaccurate reporting and withholding and the assessment of associated penalties

Improve Your Efficiency

Rely on just one information vendor for accurate security information

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