FIS Buy Side Portfolio Manager

Formerly Virtus from FIS Glide

Discover a better multi-asset portfolio management system to support your diversification convergence strategies


Best-in-class CLO Portfolio Construction

Virtus from FIS™ Glide allows you to quickly construct, test and execute on new Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) portfolios using our proprietary combination of syndicated loan data, robust compliance testing and front-office modeling tools.

With our extensive data and leading compliance capabilities at your fingertips, you can easily streamline your order management and reduce time to market on your deals.

How FIS Empowers Portfolio Management

Optimize your portfolio and streamline decision-making for trade order management

Offer More Diverse Portfolio Options

Optimize your portfolio with complex investment scenarios

Increase Investment Efficiency

Streamline your operations with centralized portfolio data and automated workflows

Ensure Compliance

Access investment scenarios that are vigorously checked for pre- and post-trade compliance

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