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Enter new markets and let us fuel your cross-border commerce.

Leverage expertise seamlessly

As the largest payments acquirer and #1 cross border e-commerce payments provider, we deliver the coverage you need to launch into any market while giving you sophisticated end-to-end payment processing.






We handle everything for you, so you get the smartest solutions available through a single integration point. Access market coverage across 146 countries and 126 currencies including 47 domestic acquiring licenses and this list is growing. We’ll also provide you with over 300 payment types so you can operate anywhere your customers are located. Leverage the power of technology that’s currently processing more than 40 billion transactions every year.

A combination of smart solutions

We continually invest in our solutions so you get the smoothest payment experience possible but it’s not just about the payments. You also get the added benefit of:

Comprehensive Reporting

See all your transactions and customer data in one spot so you can make the best growth decisions for your business

Cross Border Payments With Optimal Costs

We’ll simplify currency exchange and make it easy for customers to pay in their local currency

Leading Fraud Detection Solutions

Rest assured that your business and your customer information is safe with our world class fraud solutions

We’re here to be a familiar face in an unfamiliar market. Ready to unlock the world?

You keep reaching further, we’ll help you enter new markets. Eliminate the need for local acquiring contracts and offer customers in any market the smoothest payment experience possible. It’s our combination of smart solutions and investment in expansion that makes us the perfect partner to grow with. Check out our latest new market entries below.

Visit your country of choice and learn more about the market. We've even developed a payments guide giving you insights you can't get anywhere else. Explore where you want to go.

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