FIS CD Collateral Manager

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The Collateral Management System That Standardizes and Automates End-to-end Margin Processes

FIS® CD Collateral Manager is a collateral management system that standardizes and automates end-to-end margin processes using collateral optimization software. It seamlessly connects with all major central clearing counterparties and exchanges, enabling straight-through, exception-based workflows for all operational tasks.

Accounts and hierarchy are synchronized with our market-leading back-office systems, eliminating reconciliation and replication. While real-time risk reporting and eligibility rules provide accurate counterparty exposure calculations across your business.

Automated margin call workflows and flexible communications support emails with automated SWIFT messages and wire instructions – adding digital efficiency.

How FIS Empowers Operations and Processing

Harmonize CCP and end-client related margin processes – out of the box

Confirm Settlements in Real Time

Eliminate breaks from assumed settlements and nostro accounting with connectivity that employs SWIFT standards

Strengthen Risk Management

Real-time risk reporting and enhanced eligibility rules empower management of central clearing counterparty exposure

Optimize Resource Allocation

Improve exception management and enhance your client experience with automated margin call workflows