Empowering a startup fund administrator with the scale and agility to achieve astronomical growth – with 100% client retention

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Founded in Dublin with just one client and $200 million of assets under management (AUM), Centaur had brave aspirations for its new hedge fund services business. Launching in 2010, during the immediate aftermath of the global financial crisis, the firm was more than prepared to take on an industry in turmoil. As well as sheer courage, Centaur needed robust operations to support its growth ambitions.

Centaur - Take seeds of One Client with $200M AUM
Learn how FIS empowered a startup fund administrator to achieve exceptional growth in six years

One of the firm’s first decisions was to make FIS a key technology partner, putting it in a strong position to not only seize opportunities but also face off post-crisis challenges – from volatile markets to changing regulation. With FIS’ fund accounting and administration solution, InvestOne, powering its investment operations, Centaur had both efficiency and agility on its side. Using the solution’s high levels of automation and scalability, Centaur could enter new markets and manage complex asset classes and hybrid fund structures for its clients, while meeting their increased demand for transparency and risk mitigation.

Over the past six years, a thriving partnership with FIS has seen Centaur benefit from continued investment in InvestOne and in turn, support an even greater range of instruments and jurisdictions. The system benefits are passed onto Centaur’s clients who enjoy the best client experience in the industry. In fact, Centaur’s client retention stands at 100%.

By accessing these solutions, Centaur has gained speed and efficiencies yet reduced its costs; always assured of FIS’ commitment to security and status as a top risk technology provider. Above all, Centaur is safe in the knowledge that FIS has the scale and skills to support its continued expansion, as a partner in digital and analytics. In six years, the firm’s client base has increased exponentially to include 35 groups, ranging from some of the world’s largest institutions to boutique managers, and more than $15 billion AUM.

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Centaur - After 6 Years , 35 Clients and $15billion AUM

Through our partnership with FIS we have been able to enter new markets, manage complex asset classes and offer hybrid and more complex fund structures, while at the same time meeting the demand for transparency and risk mitigation.

Antonio Frias, Head of Operations, Centaur Fund Services Limited


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