Client Story

Introducing a Revolutionary Way to Access Cash

Empowering Wintrust Bank

Wintrust, a community bank with stiff competition in the Chicago metro market, knew that attracting young mobile-first customers, who represent their future customer base, would require innovative thinking and disruptive technology. It partnered with FIS to pioneer Cardless Cash, a revolutionary new way for bank customers to access cash from ATMs quickly and securely.

At a Glance

Introduce a game-changing technology to reduce fraud and improve the customer’s ATM experience.

Cardless Cash

FIS made it possible for Wintrust’s customers to use their mobile devices to withdraw cash without the need for a card or a password. Cash is dispensed in under 10 seconds and the risk of card skimming has been eliminated.


By leveraging FIS’ digital technology, Wintrust has seen its market share and account volumes grow by as much as 15 percent. Through early adoption of Cardless Cash, Wintrust has been successful in attracting mobile-savvy customers – and forcing their larger competitors to play catch-up.


card skimming


FASTER cash withdrawals


INCREASE account volumes
FIS has been a great partner for us. They’ve been responsive. They’ve been creative. They’ve looked at products and helped us get to a point we believe we need to be in the marketplace.”
- Tom Ormseth, SVP of Retail Strategy, Wintrust Financial Corporation

FIS and Wintrust continue to work together to identify new ways for the bank to attract and retain the next generation of banking customers and to win market share away from larger competitors.