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Arm yourself with an advanced financial risk management suite for intelligent account opening

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Flexible, End-to-end Debit Card Management Solutions for Financial Institutions

Led by a digital-first cardholder experience, FIS’ debit card management solutions for financial institutions offer end-to-end solutions that span loyalty, real-time fraud protection, card production and network services – on a single, modern platform.

Our always-on, flexible modern infrastructure harnesses your debit card solutions data to increase card revenue, improve straight-through processing and enable the intelligent cross-sell that deepens relationships.

Because FIS’ debit card management solutions for financial institutions employ industry-leading, enterprisewide fraud, risk and compliance strategies, you can be confident that your financial institution and its cardholders are protected.

FIS Can Help

Protect your financial institution from the high cost of closing accounts for cause

Automate the New Account Recommendation Process

Eliminate guesswork and base account opening decisions on proven behavioral data

Reduce the Losses of Uninformed Decisioning

Rely on multiple intelligence sources and reap profitable new accounts

Spot Problem Areas, Branch by Branch

Verify that employees are following procedures and regulations to avoid risk and liability

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ACBS is a premier commercial lending and loan servicing solution that supports timely decision-making, reduces operating costs, improves data quality and enhances analytics.

Reduce operational risk within a highly secure system
Boost growth and increase efficiencies
Support all commercial credit servicing tasks in one solution
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Ambit Optimist manages all commercial credit assessment and customer risk rating – including probability of default and loss given default – in one solution.

Enhance customer satisfaction and retention
Improve visibility into potential trouble spots
Streamline processes and reduce your TCO
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Behavior risk understanding and loss prevention for consumer DDA origination that enables you to automate the account recommendation process

Cut response times and time to cash through automation
Get a 360° view of customers for informed decisions
Attract customers with a truly digital, self-service experience
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Ambit Portfolio Monitoring is a highly configurable decision and reporting engine. Built around a bank’s credit and risk policies, it streamlines credit assessment and monitoring processes

Ensure data integrity and accuracy
Scalable to run against one customer or an entire portfolio
Drive customer-specific strategies, deepening relationships
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Decision Solutions product is best for assessing business risk?


BizChex is created specifically to assess the risk of opening an account for businesses and provide a recommended decision.

Are all of your risk solutions governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)?


Our ChexAdvisor and QualiFile solutions are governed by the FCRA. Our BizChex solution is governed by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA).


Profitieren Sie von einem Wettbewerbsvorteil mit Brancheneinblicken und maßgeblichen Perspektiven, die Ihnen bereits beim Aufwachen zur Verfügung stehen.