The solution that secures card payments anywhere by concealing sensitive cardholder information everywhere

FIS® Tokenization™ dynamically encrypts your card payments for ultimate security when customers pay online, with their phone or in a store.

By replacing sensitive cardholder data with unique tokens that can’t be matched back to the cardholder or their account, our payment tokenization solutions can ease Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance, better protect cardholders and manage your risk.

The foundation of secure digital payments

Tokenization enables frictionless digital payments through online, in-store or in-app environments.

Enhanced payment security in any channel

Replace sensitive cardholder information with a unique token for reduced fraud risk.

Simplified mobile and digital payments

Enable cardholders to load card credentials to different payment apps quickly and securely.

Reduced compliance burden

Simplify compliance by reducing the scope of systems that fall under the PCI DSS.

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Tokenization: two truths and a lie

Separate the myths about payment tokenization solutions from the facts.

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The tokenization trio

Your institution and cardholders benefit from tokenization in these three ways while bringing you closer to your payments modernization goals.

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