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Financial Risk Management Solutions for Safe, Reliable Account Opening

Without the right behavioral risk management tools, employees who open new consumer or business accounts may be inviting costly losses. They need easy-to-use technologies that provide insight into past behavior – including the underbanked and “credit-invisible.”

That’s why FIS Decision Solutions (Chex Systems Inc.) developed our Risk suite, financial risk management solutions that help you automate the process and welcome only trustworthy customers who will represent a profit.

Find out how our advanced risk management system can help you reduce time-consuming due diligence, lower operational costs, avoid loss of revenue and increase customer satisfaction.

FIS Can Help

Protect your financial institution from the high cost of closing accounts for cause

Automate the New Account Recommendation Process

Eliminate guesswork and base account opening decisions on proven behavioral data

Reduce the Losses of Uninformed Decisioning

Rely on multiple intelligence sources and reap profitable new accounts

Spot Problem Areas, Branch by Branch

Verify that employees are following procedures and regulations to avoid risk and liability

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Risk underwriting and loss prevention for small business account origination that provides a real-time recommended decision response and helps you comply with regulations

Mitigate risk
Assess account privileges
Evaluate the identity of the business
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An alternative data solution that provides insight into the 45 million underbanked (“credit-invisible”) based on past financial behavior

Score prospects more accurately
Increase your creditworthy customers
Gain insight into past behavior
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Behavior risk understanding and loss prevention for consumer DDA origination that enables you to automate the account recommendation process

Establish your risk tolerance
Open the right accounts
Maximize cross-selling
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Built-in dashboards gather DDA account opening information from QualiFile in one place, so you can spot policy violations, identify opportunities and gauge the need for more training, branch by branch

Increase approval rates
Minimize costs
Improve efficiency
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Decision Solutions product is best for assessing business risk?


BizChex is created specifically to assess the risk of opening an account for businesses and provide a recommended decision.

Are all of your risk solutions governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)?


Our ChexAdvisor and QualiFile solutions are governed by the FCRA. Our BizChex solution is governed by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA).

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