FIS Regulatory University

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The E-learning Solution for Financial Services Regulation Training

Financial services regulation training is an important element to lowering your corporate risk. FIS’ Regulatory University® features a library of more than 350 e-learning courses covering safety and soundness, consumer protection laws and regulations, high and emerging risk issues, and other risk and compliance topics relevant to multiple lines of business.

The platform’s analytics identify gaps in staff awareness around risk and compliance laws, policies and procedures. Course selections can be customized by region, branch, business line, team and job function. Your corporate policies can be integrated into existing training modules, and you have the option to design your own financial services compliance courses.

How FIS Empowers Compliance Education

Discover how FIS’ financial regulatory compliance training can reduce your risk

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Robust analytics identify gaps in compliance education to help train employees and lower corporate risk

Customizable Courses

Incorporate your policies into existing lessons or design your own course

Enhanced Curriculum Management

Assign courses by region, branch, business line, team and job function

Suscripción a RISE

Disfrute de una ventaja competitiva con los conocimientos del sector y las perspectivas líderes que le entregamos al despertarse.