The business-to-consumer solution that optimizes enterprise disbursements with direct bank payouts

Traditional payment methods, such as checks and cash, are costly, outdated and prone to fraud, driving businesses to adopt digital solutions to streamline their operations. FIS® Enterprise Disbursements provides businesses a simpler, more secure way to pay customers directly into their bank accounts through the Pay-by-Bank experience.

This Pay-by-Bank solution takes care of three crucial factors: security, speed and simplicity. It helps eliminate the need for financial data sharing, customers to set up and manage online accounts, manual data entry, and the risk of errors when entering bank details into forms. Businesses can also remove the burdensome task of check printing and expenses tied to lost or undeposited checks.

$5.01 - $12

Standard cost to send a check

Source: Billpay.com

$ 17.3 B

Attempted check fraud in 2020

Source: AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey, 2023

93 %

Companies not meeting payments demands

Source: AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey, 2023

Enhanced security

Strengthen your security through biometric authentication with payee validation and reduce the risk of check interception.

Reduced costs

Lower costs with automated reconciliation and remove processing fees for lost or undeposited checks.

Optimized deliveries

Maximize payment delivery success without the need for the payee to enter financial information manually.

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Faster, easier and safer payments

With the surge in digital payments, now’s your chance to upgrade both your own experience and that of your customers.

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