Automate credit-to-cash with a fully integrated credit and collections management solution

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Modernize Your Credit-to-cash Cycle with Accounts Receivable Software

FIS GETPAID is a fully integrated, web-based accounts receivable software solution that helps increase cash flow, mitigate risk and drive operational efficiencies.

GETPAID delivers full process automation, workflow and collaboration. Its machine learning capabilities and artificial intelligence (AI) engine creates a foundation for continuous improvement in working capital and cash flow. Choose from our flexible delivery options, including on-premise, SaaS and private cloud.

FIS Can Help

Automating credit and collections for companies and shared service centers

Increase Cash Flow

Reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) and improve cash flow by up to millions of dollars

Mitigate Risk

Deploy AI to recalibrate collection priorities and help your credit managers identify risk

Improve Operational Efficiency

Drive accounts receivable automation across your order-to-cash processes, from credit and collections to cash application

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GETPAID Automated Cash Application provides a fully automated process with AI to alleviate the manual work involved in matching payments to remittance and clearing invoices.

Have complete control of matching rules and data elements
Achieve first-pass hit rates well above an ERP system
Drive automation, workflow and collaboration via machine learning
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Our Agency Placement Portal improves and automates the process of assigning customers for agency placement and electronic collaboration with agencies.

Automate data transfers for greater integrity and lower costs
Track how efficiently your agencies perform
Improve control and collaboration for better agency performance
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GETPAID’s collections management automates processes and uses AI-enabled work queues to increase the time collectors can spend contacting customers and ensure that their time is used productively.

Use AI to focus resources on the 30% of accounts at risk
Automate and free up collectors’ time for contacting customers
Improve hit rates and reduce DSO, past-due A/R and write-offs
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GETPAID Collections Scoring gives you a statistical score that provides both the propensity of payment and the expected value of the account, helping you increase both collections and liquidations.

Accurately predict delinquency risk 60 days in the future
Strategically target accounts for both collections and legal
Reduce both collection costs and spend on bureau and external data
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GETPAID Credit Card Integration is a credit and collections management solution that has pre-built integrations with credit card processors.

Accelerate payments and improve cash flow
Reduce the risk of non-payment and open up new opportunities
Start accepting credit card payments immediately
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GETPAID gives you a strategic and automated approach to credit risk, leveraging AI to expedite credit reviews and customer onboarding while improving collections effectiveness.

Compete more effectively with faster credit decisions
Monitor credit policy with automated document tracking
Stay on top of all accounts with automated credit review policies
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GETPAID Deduction and Dispute Management offers portal access for sales, customer service, operations and customers, creating an online dispute resolution network that reduces resolution cycle time.

Automatically identify, assign, notify, track and escalate disputes
Get the flexibility to manage complex accounts
Leverage AI to reduce bad debt expense and prevent write-offs
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GETPAID Managed Application Services take on the full responsibility of the user management life cycle, allowing you to focus on running your business while leveraging GETPAID to the fullest potential.

Reduce both your upfront investment and your TCO
Simplify the implementation process and speed up the ROI
Leverage FIS’ economies of scale for the highest levels of security
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GETPAID Sales and Service Collaboration Portal Services allows sales, customer service, operations and customers to collaborate via an online dispute resolution network.

Facilitate enterprise-wide collaboration
Enhance customer service with real-time access to staff
Track dispute management via a centralized repository
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