Enterprise Risk Suite

Formerly Adaptiv

Make sense of the numbers. Find the right risk.

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The Complete Picture for Risk Professionals

For the most informed risk decisions, you need the right calculations, quickly. Chartis Research ranks FIS® Enterprise Risk Suite (formerly Adaptiv) first in the industry for a reason.

Our risk simulation and calculation engine provides fast, accurate XVA, SIMM and risk calculations and can help you lower costs as well.

FIS Can Help

Keep on top of risk, now and in the future.

Deliver Perfect Transparency

Risk takers and managers can work together with real-time, shared access to the building blocks of risk models

Stay Ahead of Errors and Exposure

Exploit machine learning to identify sources of risk faster

Stay on Time, All the Time

Keep the pace with compliance and regulatory change with the ability to compute and process the latest regulatory requirements

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Adaptiv Analytics is an industry-leading engine for high performance pricing and risk calculations. Capture both pricing-intensive and aggregation-heavy risk metrics in one flexible engine.

Reduces hardware costs with a high-performance engine
Can integrate your own models or calculations
Get transparency on risk with integrated in-memory aggregations
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Credit Limits aggregates and maintains a complete, real-time position; calculates exposure; reflects mitigation and applies controls with maximum efficiency.

Gives you a single view of credit risk across desks
Displays the drivers and causes of risk in ergonomic dashboards
Features workflows to keep controls in place
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Market Data Toolkit provides a flexible data pipeline architecture with pre-configured market data processing blocks to cleanse, bootstrap, calibrate, proxy and generate scenarios on market data.

Helps you market data processing pipelines to production faster
Offers flexible configuration and functions of the processing pipeline
Provides transparency for analysts and risk control
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Real-time Infrastructure processes trades and event streams in real time to calculate risk and margin. It also delivers enterprise management of trade flows, distributed calculations and an interactive UI.

Delivers high-volume processing of up to 600 trades/second
Offers high availability using Apache Kafka, so no events are lost
Includes ergonomic administration and dashboarding interfaces
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Risk Aggregation provides drilldowns to the lowest level for simulation measures like FRTB advanced CVA and performs non-linear aggregations such as FRTB-SA, SIMM and SA-CCR in a single in-memory cube.

Drills down to find the source of risk with deal-level detail
Provides one view of risk across market and credit risk and margin calculations
Offers standard dashboarding and query tools
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