FIS Securities Processing Suite

Streamline, consolidate and automate your securities operations for greater agility and a lower TCO

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Securities Processing Software for Smarter Ops, Total Life Cycle Support and a Quicker ROI

FIS® Securities Processing Suite is the only solution available today that supports the full trading life cycle with real-time data on a single integrated platform.

Discover the impact of advanced securities processing software and a back-office system developed with decades of deep industry experience and FIS’ dedication to innovation and strategic partnership. Broker-dealers can refocus on their real business – from trading and order management to settlement and asset servicing – while giving their customers actionable access that satisfies their new demands.

FIS Can Help

Automate critical operations on a single integrated platform for increased efficiencies and economies of scale.

Reduce Your TCO

Securities Processing Suite provides a sustainable operating model – delivered via flexible deployment models

Use Our Technology Investments to Your Advantage

Front-to-back-office systems and single-platform processing help you thrive in today’s market

Take the Approach That Meets Your Needs

FIS can help determine the right choices for your organization’s unique requirements

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Adaptiv’s risk simulation and calculation engine provides fast, accurate XVA, SIMM and risk calculations and can help you lower costs as well.

Deliver perfect transparency to risk takers and managers
Exploit machine learning to identify sources of risk faster
Keep the pace with compliance and regulatory change
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Apex Collateral delivers enterprise-wide collateral management, optimization and trading on a single, modular platform.

Get operational efficiency plus real person support
Increase efficiency with automated exception-based processing
Choose from cloud or on-premises deployment
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FIS’ Apex Securities Finance solution suite helps you manage the entire range of repo, securities borrowing and securities lending requirements.

Access powerful real-time positions management and trade capture
Manage the complete trade lifecycle with customizable workflows
Streamline settlement and instruction processing
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IntelliMatch empowers reconciliation professionals to support and track all data integrity and reconciliation processes from one place for greater operational control.

Track your entire reconciliation inventory from a single screen
Define and demonstrate control with oversight and audit tools
Accelerate everyday tasks and improve efficiency with AI
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The Loanet solution suite for the North American market helps broker-dealers, custodian banks, agent lenders and other market participants manage their entire securities finance business.

STP rates of 97+% for the most highly integrated customers
Broad functionality to suit your current and future needs
A highly scalable workflow for the greatest cost efficiencies
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MarketMap Analytic Platform stores, manages and analyzes intraday and high-volume time-series data.

Improve forecasting, reduce risk and enhance potential ROI
Reduce your internal hardware and IT footprint
Leverage innovative analytic software that’s optimized for statistics
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MarketMap SelectFeed gives you fast access to real-time, global exchange and market data to feed applications or websites.

Get streaming delivery or on-demand snapshots
Leverage reliable, scalable software and infrastructure
Incorporate FIS’ best-of-breed capabilities into your systems
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MarketMap Terminal delivers high-quality market data, news and analysis from over 160 global exchanges and over-the-counter (OTC) sources

Get flexible, cost effective access to high-speed, accurate data
Make informed investment decisions and support your traders
Monitor and control costs with integrated permissioning
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Phase3 is a global, real-time front-to middle-to back securities processing system that can manage multiple asset classes, currencies and businesses on a single platform.

Encompasses multiple markets, asset classes and currencies
Supports growth into new markets and geographies
Helps you respond quickly to new opportunities and customer needs
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Protegent provides compliance and regulatory automation solutions for retail and institutional broker dealers, banks and asset management firms.

Automate manually-intensive compliance processes
Enforce and document your compliance policies and procedures
Access our secure and flexible technology via a variety of hosting options
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Our order management systems (OMS) deliver a consolidated view of trading across global markets. They provide improved execution and agility, comprehensive access to positions, and risk management for multiple assets and instrument classes.

Enable seamless trading and market-making across global markets
Empower your business with high-powered trading
Enhance compliance and risk management
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The Wall Street Concepts suite provides tax information reporting solutions for financial firms.

Reduce costs and increase accuracy for superior tax reporting
Cover a broad range of instruments, from fund products to options
Manage client relationships, not inquiries about poor tax reporting
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XSP is a SWIFT-accredited, highly configurable solution that offers end-to-end management of corporate action event activity.

Slash the time to process corporate actions events
Improve risk control with accurate data and automation
Ensure data accuracy, no matter what
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