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Since its beginnings more than 45 years ago, FIS™ has continuously made news based on its product and service innovations, acquisitions, client relationships and industry leadership. For years, FIS has been in the media spotlight based on our expertise in the areas of banking, payments and consulting. Now, with the 2015 acquisition of SunGard, we have generated global excitement with the addition of a complete array of institutional and wholesale products and services. In this section:

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  • Read up on the facts and figures that summarize our history over the past four decades.
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FIS Facts

FIS Facts

With a more than 45-year history deeply rooted in the financial services industry, FIS™ reaches well beyond geographic and cultural borders in countries throughout the world. Our work and vision continue to expand with a strategy that has given FIS™ one of the most comprehensive solution sets in its industry. Championing our clients from banking to capital markets, retail to corporate and everything touched by finance services.

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Annual Report

2017 Annual Report

Strategically in 2017, we continued to hone our business model. We exceeded our stated synergy targets from the 2015 SunGard acquisition, while also divesting our public sector and education businesses, a majority interest in our consulting business, and announcing the divestiture of our China-based business, Kingstar, which closed in Q1 2018. This work has sharpened our focus on providing value-added, software-based solutions to the financial services industry.

Additional annual reports can be found in the FIS Investor site.

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FIS 2017 Annual Report Cover

Executive Press Kit


Gary Norcross

Chairman, President and CEO


James “Woody” Woodall

Chief Financial Officer


Greg Montana

Chief Risk Officer


Bruce Lowthers

Chief Operating Officer, Integrated Financial Solutions


Marianne Brown

Chief Operating Officer, Global Financial Solutions


Ido Gileadi

Chief Information Officer


Ellyn Raftery

Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer


Marc Mayo

Chief Legal Officer


Denise Williams

Chief People Officer


Peter Gunnlaugsson

Senior Vice President, Investor Relations


Katy Thompson

Chief Accounting Officer

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