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Delve into your data with a powerful suite of tools, capabilities and insights that empower you to see what’s ahead, better connect with your customers and take action on new business opportunities.

Gain Comprehensive Access to All Ethos Data Solutions

An experience that is secure, scalable and simple

Data is consolidated and accessible through one SSO platform that offers fully integrated, innovative and intuitive tools.

The flexibility to evolve with your institution

Ethos is designed to meet you at every stage of your data journey. Get the data sets you need with tools and solutions available now, and quickly scale as new data sets and tools become available.

Expanding is easy in the Ethos Marketplace

Browse new data sets and tools, and be the first to demo new solutions as they become available. Ethos empowers you with access to solutions in a matter of minutes instead of months.

Ethos products span eight product categories based on the actions you'll take with your data:


(Data Insights)
Make informed decisions and gain actionable insights with Ethos’ data-enhancing capabilities, including cleansing tools and enriched data sets.


Harness the power of your data with insightful visualizations, reporting and analytics. Ethos offers advanced functionality with dashboards that let you quickly spot KPI trends and easily click through to account-level detail.


(Professional Services)
Maximize your Ethos experience through professional services. Partner with experts to identify your biggest opportunities and customize solutions to fit your unique needs.


(Data Science)
Optimize your business in new and powerful ways with unified data and advanced data science tools.


(Platform Integration)
Get creative with new data connections and developer experiences such as APIs that give you the freedom to solve your problems in new ways.


(Marketing Automation)
Ethos offers complete, personalized customer life cycle engagement capabilities across any channel.


(Data Governance)
Build trust in your data and trust with your customers. Ethos governance tools and services ensure your data is high quality, secured and private and that permissions are handled with transparency.


(Data Exchange)
Fuel your business with new data sources and innovative ideas. Explore data, participate in user groups, and continuously learn through the latest data model samples, white papers and best practice tips.

Move beyond “What happened?”
to “What will happen?”

The Ethos Experience

monitor_bg An experience that is simple, secure and scalable

data_bg Discover new insights between unrelated data points

users_bg Scales with your business: add users, data sets and add-ons at any time

marketplace Set your team up for success with custom data pack workshops

search_bg Move quickly through data with best-of-breed visualization tools

lightbulb_bg Easy, engaging experience from first exploration to daily use