Data Privacy Manager

Comply with global data privacy regulations


The Data Privacy Management Solution That Simplifies Global Compliance

The intensifying framework of privacy regulations protects consumers more than ever before. Individuals are granted certain rights and greater control over the processing of their personal information. As observed with CPRA in California, LGPD in Brazil and GDPR in Europe, numerous business requirements must be met to reduce risk of severe fines and penalties.

FIS® Data Privacy Manager empowers financial institutions to support time-sensitive consumer requests while responding more confidently to regulators and increasing customer trust.

How FIS Empowers Your Data Privacy Management

Adhere to regulations with this comprehensive data privacy management solution

Stay Compliant with Global Privacy Laws

This single, comprehensive solution supports GDPR, LGPD, CPRA, PDPB, and emerging laws and changes

Simplify Data Privacy Management Changes

The integrated platform spans data inventory, rights, consent management and more

Automate Data Workflows

Configurable platform easily integrates with existing systems for full business intelligence

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