The debit card loyalty program that’s rewarding for your institution and your cardholders

FIS® QuickPerks™ automatically rewards points to debit cardholders every time they use your card. Our debit card loyalty program is designed to help you encourage card use with a low-cost program designed for debit portfolios with zero points liability.

You’ll get engaged and loyal debit cardholders. They’ll get to choose redemptions options that make them want to use your card for every purchase.

The power of debit card rewards programs

85 %

of young adult debit cardholders who get rewards feel more motivated to use the card.

75 %

of credit unions say their debit card rewards program is effective at driving card use.

80 %

of consumer card purchases are made on a card that offers rewards and incentives.

Zero points liability

FIS holds debit card loyalty program points, maintains necessary cash reserves and funds all redemptions.

Multiple redemption options

Cardholders can redeem rewards to save money on fuel, earn merchant discounts, give to charity or to win prizes in sweepstakes, games and auctions.

Low, predictable costs

FIS debit card loyalty program solutions are designed for low-margin payment products.

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Perking up your debit portfolio

Get our QuickPerks Loyalty e-book to see how debit card loyalty program solutions can help you build relationships with younger cardholders.

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At last, a way to reward debit customers

It’s been hard to do with margins so thin, but QuickPerks from FIS makes it possible with zero liability for you.

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