You may think your cardholders want more, but in fact, they want less. Less hassle when they use their card on any device. Less searching for account information. Less waiting to earn and redeem card rewards. Less risk that their account will be breached.

With Payments One Credit, you’ll give them all that and more—from the single, flexible platform built to streamline and simplify credit card processing for financial institutions.

Payments One: staying ahead of cardholder expectations

FIS Payments One stops fraud before it happens, stays ahead of cardholder expectations and is flexible for whatever comes next. It is faster, simpler, seamless and secure.

Flexible, single platform

Eliminate the burden of separate loyalty, fraud protection, card production and network service systems.

Digital-first card capabilities

Power secure digital payments with tokenization so customers can pay, access accounts, and use self-service card controls on any device.

Easy integration

Easily integrate with other applications using FIS’ Code Connect™ API marketplace.

Proactive fraud management

Prevent threats with enterprise-wide fraud and risk mitigation tools.

Streamlined workflows

Gain more visibility into your operations with a centralized user interface that makes it easy to search and find information.

Meaningful cardholder insights

Use your data to understand cardholder behavior, improve servicing, and cross-sell.

Broad commercial offerings

Expand the solutions you offer business customers with commercial cards, e-payables and virtual cards.

Differentiated repayment plans

Compete with buy now, pay later popularity by offering select cardholders post-purchase instalment loans.

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FIS Payments One Credit is a flexible, modular platform that lets you choose which solutions you need now and easily add or remove capabilities as your credit business evolves.

  • FIS Code Connect

    The FIS API marketplace Code Connect™ makes it easy to enable new payment solutions, features and capabilities while shortening development cycles.

  • FIS Digital Issuance

    Let cardholders load a new or replacement card securely to a mobile wallet for immediate use.

    FIS Digital Issuance – Make Sure Your Card Is Always in Your Cardholders’ Hands Play video

  • FIS eZ Business

    Give your corporate and small business card customers the ability to manage the commercial cards their employees use while streamlining your own card program management, marketing and costs.

    FIS eZ Business Card Management: Product Sheet Download PDF

    FIS eZ Card

    Let commercial cardholders view account balances and access card features on any device with this secure hosted application.

    FIS eZCard: Product Sheet Download PDF

  • FIS Commercial Cards

    Support the credit and cash flow needs of your business and commercial customers and shift your operations away from paper-based payments and processes with our full range of commercial products:

    • Business cards to facilitate better cash flow management
    • ePayables that automate vendor relationships for procurement managers
    • Virtual cards for single use, multi-use and travel-related lodge cards
    • Corporate cards to streamline the travel and expense reporting processes
    • Fleet cards for driver and vehicle tracking
    • Purchasing cards for virtual and lodge cards used by procurement managers
    • One/Multi cards to combine elements of fleet, purchasing and corporate cards into one card

    FIS Commercial Cards: Product Sheet Download PDF

  • Ethos Analytics

    Easily interpret your data and prevent fraud, manage risk and act on new growth opportunities.

  • FIS Contactless Payments

    Let cardholders pay securely without having to touch their card to anything at checkout.

    Making the Case for Contactless Payments: e-book Download PDF

    FIS Post-Purchase Installment Loans

    Give cardholders the option to spread out payments on larger purchases for more financial flexibility.

    Post Purchase Installment Loans Play video

    FIS Tokenization

    Replace the primary account number (PAN) with a token that cannot be interpreted by fraudsters for secure digital and mobile wallet transactions.

    Tokenization – The Foundation of Secure Digital Payments Play video

  • FIS SecurLOCK

    Spot payment card fraud before it happens with critical capabilities that optimize fraud detection and improve your cardholder experience.

    SecurLOCK Product Suite: e-book Download PDF

  • FIS Loyalty Programs

    Provide rewards options that allow instant, real-time savings at checkout and cash back, gift cards and travel discounts that your cardholders value.

    FIS Loyalty Programs Play video

    FIS Premium Payback

    Let cardholders apply their unused rewards points to in-store or online purchases to save money.

    Premium Payback – Bank Credit Card Rewards Play video

  • CardPro Connect

    Gain easy access to all your card issuance data and simplify card program management with this web-based application for card production, personalization and fulfillment.

    CardPro Connect: Overview and FAQ Download PDF


    Deliver a consistent customer experience in all your customer communications – no matter the channel, product or service – with this easy-to-integrate software as a service and platform as a service offering that’s built to suit your needs.

    Touch-CX – A Communications Solution for Comprehensive, Consistent, Unified Experiences Download PDF



Access every category of APIs through Code Connect, so you can enhance any solution.

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