FIS Commercial Lending Suite

An integrated front-to-back-office solution for commercial lending

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Transforming Commercial Lending to Deliver an Exceptional Customer Experience

FIS™ Commercial Lending Suite delivers a complete solution for the entire commercial loan process with the choice of built-in workflow and analytics or specific modules for your individual needs.

Our technology supports both the customer’s interactions and the entire process behind the scenes, so you can easily adapt to market disruption, differentiate yourself from the competition and enhance your service to meet customers’ expectations.

FIS Can Help

Empowering banks to systematically transform commercial lending

Cut Customer Response Times

Automate processes to provide customers with self-service access to real-time information

Reduce Costs

Connect internal systems and processes across the enterprise to increase efficiencies and cut costs

Boost Topline Revenue

Impress and win customers with a truly digital, self-service and intuitive experience

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