FIS Cleared Derivatives Suite

Discover the strategic solution for post-trade derivatives processing

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A Real-time Solution for Post-trade Cleared Derivatives Processing

FIS® Cleared Derivatives Suite reimagines the post-trade middle and back office.

This next-generation offering has been designed to support both middle- and back-office functions across exchange-traded and OTC-cleared derivatives. It is a single, unified solution that covers all post-trade derivatives processing requirements, including trade clearing, reconciliations, position management, cash and collateral management, and margin calculations.

FIS Can Help

Increase your post-trade derivatives processing efficiencies and reduce total cost of ownership and operational risk.

Deploy Innovative Technology

Leverage new technology stacks, including APIs, event-driven architecture and “insert only” logic

Reflect the New Business Model

Rethink your operating model with a unified system for post-trade processing

Support New Requirements

Deploy the latest extended and modularized post-trade functionality based on your business priorities

Dig into the Solution Suite

Cash & Collateral Management is an integrated solution for FIS’ back-office modules that provides enhanced margin call processing. It delivers advanced workflow for issuance and tracking, customizable call calculation, and exception-based processing for all major CCPs and exchanges.

Bring CCP funding and client margining together in one process
Proactively identify breaks so that you can focus on exceptions
Remove the risk of trades being rejected by the LCH
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Margin Advisor is a standalone solution for ad hoc margin calculations. It enables intraday transparency, real-time decision support, portfolio optimization and risk reduction.

Real-time decision support for periods of violent market volatility
Hosted model reduces your total cost of ownership
Innovation and automation for greater transparency and efficiency
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FIS Reconciliations provides fully automated total equity reconciliations of exchange traded derivatives and OTC derivatives activity against exchanges, CCPs and clearing brokers.

Reduced risk through control, auditability and reporting
Connectivity via extensive exchange and CCP interfaces
FIS’ reach of 135+ cleared derivatives markets in 35+ countries
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The next generation Trade Clearing middle-office solution offers an integrated yet modular model to cleared derivatives post-trade processing.

Standardization across your CCP connectivity and clearing flows
Optimized STP to reduce your operational costs
Operational efficiency and control over exception management
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