FIS Investment Operations Suite for Asset Managers

Simplify investment operations with the industry’s leading integrated solution


Investment Operations, Simplified

The FIS® Investment Operations Suite is built on a broad range of best-in-class solutions and emerging technologies that deliver results for the world’s largest asset managers. It provides investment accounting for more than $35 trillion in assets and manages more than 85,000 investment portfolios for asset managers and servicers around the world.

Our award-winning multi-asset class platform covers the front, middle and back office. It scales as you grow, while our managed services help drive down costs. With the deepest functionality across every facet of investment operations, you can achieve your growth objectives and maximize efficiency – no matter your size.

How FIS Empowers Investment Management Operations

Developed to be highly configurable and customizable, the FIS Investment Operations Suite is designed for asset managers of all sizes.

Streamline Your Operations

Manage the full investment life cycle efficiently and cost-effectively with seamless system integrations

Modernize Your Data Management

Satisfy stakeholder demands with real-time analytics and powerful data visualization dashboards

Accelerate Innovation and Growth

Gain the agility to explore new asset classes and strategies by creating efficiencies

Dig into the Solution Suite

FIS® Securities Finance Trading and Collateral Platform (formerly Apex Collateral) delivers enterprise-wide collateral management, optimization and trading on a single, modular platform.

Get operational efficiency plus real person support
Increase efficiency with automated exception-based processing
Choose from cloud or on-premises deployment
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A risk management and risk reporting solution for buy-side firms, FIS® Investment Risk Manager (formerly APT) offers a diverse set of investment strategies and regulatory regimes.

Support multi-asset class strategies
Run complex risk analytics and optimize your portfolio with ease
Access interactive dashboards for the changing world of risk
Discover Investment Risk Manager

FIS® Operations Workflow Manager applies workflow automation to paper operational control sheets, creating: distributed, automated processes with easy-to-read dashboards and sophisticated work allocation capabilities.

Enhance operational efficiency and control
Increase automation and flexibility
Create a centralized view of all asset servicing activities
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The FIS® Digital Visualization Portal blends powerful analysis, automated integration and an innovative dashboard for asset managers and fund administrators.

Access powerful data and analytics
Deliver modernized reports the way you want them
Create a best-in-class user experience
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FIS® Financial Report Manager is a web-based application that automates the creation of financial reports for asset managers and fund administrators, including hedge funds and private equity firms.

Increase operational efficiency
Lower your total cost of ownership
Create secure, real-time access to data
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FIS® Cross-Asset Trading and Risk Platform (formerly Front Arena) encompasses the full trade lifecycle for the buy side, with real-time cross-asset trading, order management, portfolio management, risk management, position keeping and more.

Discover multi-asset class capabilities
Access data and risk insights in real time
Achieve global market access and connectivity
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FIS® Data Integrity Manager (formerly Intellimatch) empowers reconciliation professionals to support and track all data integrity and reconciliation processes from one place for greater operational control.

Track your entire reconciliation inventory
Define and demonstrate control
Optimize automation with artificial intelligence
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FIS® Investment Accounting Manager (formerly InvestOne) provides a scalable and modular investment accounting system that supports an exhaustive range of investment types, asset classes and accounting methodologies.

Reach new levels of automation
Cut through complexity
Turn data into insight
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FIS® Private Capital Suite (formerly Investran), our private equity accounting and reporting solution, unifies data, automates complex processes, and supports smarter accounting while reducing costs, errors and pressure on your team.

Simplify operational complexity
Turn data into insight
Support innovation and growth
Explore Investran

FIS® Performance Measurement Manager is a web-based, integrated suite of multicurrency performance measurement, attribution and risk tools for asset managers and fund administrators.

Leverage advanced analytics and attribution
Access accurate, reliable data
Run custom benchmarks and indexes
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FIS® Pricing Data Services automates the collection, scrubbing, reconciliation and validation of vendor, broker and counterparty pricing data.

Reduce risk with greater transparency
Improve efficiency with automation
Eliminate cost escalation
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FIS® Corporate Actions Suite (formerly XSP) is a SWIFT-accredited, highly configurable solution that offers end-to-end management of corporate action event activity.

Slash the time to process corporate actions events
Improve risk control
Ensure data accuracy, no matter what
Check Out XSP

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the FIS Investment Operations Suite available via the cloud?


Yes, the FIS Investment Operations Suite is a horizontally scalable set of connected solutions, deployable in any type of cloud environment and connected with APIs. The underlying components can also integrate with your existing systems for a seamless user experience.

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