Increasing “Clock Speed”



As the first third-party administrator in South Africa, Maitland exploded out of the gate, growing its earnings nearly eightfold in four years. But as with any substantial growth spurt, costs eventually began to outpace earnings. This made day-to-day tasks cumbersome and hindered its longer-term strategy of international expansion. Maitland understood that to extend its reach, it needed a scalable, tight front-to-back-office integration solution from a truly international vendor with a global reputation.

See how FIS helped Maitland empower customers with real-time data on 70,000 trades monthly. #empoweredClients


Maitland chose FIS’ investment operations solutions suite, which supports a comprehensive and deep outsourcing model, helping Maitland achieve its goal of delivering a fully enabling platform to fund managers. Maitland’s integrated platform now manages approximately 70,000 trades per month, processing them in real time. Moving from batch data to real-time access on trades, cash and accruals has empowered Maitland’s customers to change the way they make decisions regarding their portfolios.

By helping Maitland give its customers an edge, FIS helped it achieve real financial consequences – in terms of revenue growth, cost reduction and service quality. But perhaps the most impactful benefit is the substantial cost and time reduction Maitland achieved. The solution freed staff to spend more time focusing on improving customer service quality and organizational “clock speed.”


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